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Finally, after a lot of solo chav sluts, we get to go back and see one of these dirty fuckers in their natural habitat: down on her knees with her lips around a big fat cock, working over that meat pole until it is time for her creamy reward. She starts by attempting to clean the kitchen… but all she is really doing is giving us a good look at her fucking hot ass in those little red knickers, before she is interrupted by a cock poking through the curtains. Happens all the time, right? You’re just cleaning up and then… cock in your face.

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I haven’t seen this particular chav hanging around the court before today… but you know how it goes, I forget about half these sluts a few minutes after I’m done lookin’ at them. Can you blame me? They’re just not that memorable. I mean, most of them are pretty hot, but it’s not like they’re going to be on the cover of Playboy any time soon if you know what I mean. So just enjoy it while it lasts… because the next time you see this Asian piece of chav meat she might be passed out drunk in the street, and that’s just not a good look no matter who you are.

I’m also starting to think these folks at Chavley Court are crazier than I first thought. If I was making a porno with a naughty chav like Amira right here I could think of at least a few hundred more interesting ways to do it. This guy just wants her to play with her pink bits while he has a wank… fuck that! But don’t worry, this scene goes further than what you can see in the preview clips, so if you want to see the rest you know where to go.

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Holy shit… I think I can guess what the crew from Chavley Court were thinking when they saw Lola Lol walking down the street like that: is it Halloween already?!? This cute looking chav is dressed like a schoolgirl from hell, but I don’t hear anyone complaining one bit. That tiny little white shirt she is wearing can hardly hold back the unstoppable force that is her amazing big tits, and luckily enough they get released from their captivity after they arrive back at the house.

This chick loves getting her big bouncy boobs sucked and licked, and if you pay attention you can see just how hard her nipples get as this lucky guy works her over. We only get to see the start of their horny adventure right here in the free previews but I honestly have to say this naughty chav has got the potential to be a huge cum dumpster in the future. So just remember when you see Lola in a big name porn movie… you saw her at Chavley Court first! They’ve got plenty more pics and videos of her too, don’t you worry about that, so get on over there and check it out.

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Sarah Jayne is making a return right here, seems like we just can’t keep this chav slut’s legs closed for very long can we? A girl has to eat, right? And Sarah needs to eat more than most, so she comes back to Chavley Court every now and then to fill up her purse and fill up her cunt while she’s at it! I guess the guys were feeling lazy that day, or maybe they just wanted to make this dirty chav work for it, so they pretty much sit back and let her do her thing with her sexy red lingerie and a fuckin’ huge dildo for her fuckin’ huge pussy.

As usual she just can’t shut her mouth for more than a few seconds at a time… even while she has that vibrator jammed up in to her clit like that she still feels the need to carry on a conversation. It’s not dirty talk either, it’s most just random shit that nobody wants to hear about. I think being a random chav slut is what this big titty brunette does best. Want to hear more of her interesting conversations? Or just see her cum all over that vibrator? Then visit Chavley Court!

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I’ve got another set of chav porn videos featuring Sophie O’Brien here for you today. Say what you like about this horny little fucker but I think she has got what it takes to go real far in the world of cock sucking and cumshots! She has got a pretty pink pussy too… just wait until you see it, she pulls down her sexy black underwear and there it is: a shaved slit that is too much for this horny fucker to resist as he dives right in there to eat her out.

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Sarah Jayne is a cute young brunette with a great set of big tits… and she’s a naughty fuckin’ chav slut too. How can I tell? Taking a piss makes her horny. That is a give away right there. She loves how it makes her pussy feel so wet and warm and she just can’t help rubbing her pink bits while she gets her camera out to capture this special occasion. But she is not alone in there, and all of her pissing about has made the dirty fucker behind the gloryhole horny as well.

So you know how it works, a cum addicted chav like Sarah sees a cock poking through the gloryhole and instead of running away she grabs on to that think like a crazy bitch. She works it well too, sucking like a pro and stroking it with two hands trying to squeeze the cum out of him. Want to see the rest of this scene? Or perhaps some other slutty chavs getting drunk and masturbating? It’s all good. Take a look at Chavley Court for the good stuff, and the dirtiest cunts you’ll ever find.

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We’ve got a big one here for you today… it was hard to miss Rebecca Ryder walking around dressed like that, with her big sexy ass almost falling out of her tiny skirt like that. This is high end chav fashion right here ladies and gentlemen, and it is also very functional as you’re about to see. Easy access are the two words I’d use to describe this chav slut. Just whip those titties out of her top, lift up her skirt and you’re in. You can tell Rebecca has had her fair share of cock over the years, and that dirty mouth of hers has learned a few tricks along the way!

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Oh my… a blinged up chav slut completely wasted on cheap white wine, say it isn’t so! But seriously now if you were out looking for a sure fuck you could do a whole lot worse than this. It’s our old friend Masie Dee, and she has a problem. The problem is that she has to decide between buying another bottle of wine, or putting that money toward the next size up in hoop earrings. So you can see the dilemma here. So many decisions and so few brain cells. But that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help out these slightly slutty chavs in their time of financial need!

Besides, she probably won’t even remember making this video later on, and she got a bit of cash out of it. It’s a good deal all around. You might want to do a volume check before you play these videos too, she gets really fuckin’ noisy toward the end of the last clip as she thrusts that bottle deep in her cunt. You can even see her pussy juices start dribbling out all over the sheets. Even while drunk she knows what she’s doing when it comes down to fucking herself!

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Well I can’t say it’s a big surprise to me… here we have another random chav who showed up to the house expecting a nice conversation, some tea and cake, and maybe some passionate love making afterward. She got none of the above. Fuck that. You want to switch on Oprah too while you’re at it? There is only one reason to stop by the lads at Chavley Court, and that is to show the world how fucked up chav porn can really be. Oh and they also like money… sucking cock for money, fingering their cunt for money, getting banged by two chubby cocks, whatever it takes!

Obviously the crew aren’t on the lookout for supermodels around the estate, and Isabel Dean is anything but a supermodel… but she sure can multi-task. When you see her working over these two men at the same time you’ll have to wonder, how much cum as this cunt seen its lifetime? Maybe some things are better left unkown. But if you’re in the mood for some more of this dirty chav porn scene you can find it inside Chavley Court where you’ll also meet plenty more sluts who look like they might steal your wallet.

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You’d think someone would have called the police already on the kings of Chavley Court… I mean really, they have all of these dirty chav sluts lined up outside the house all day just waiting for a chance to come in and have a wank or suck a cock! It is true what they say: money talks, and what’s a girl to do if she can’t buy bling?!? So you see these folks are just providing a community service for the local chav girls. They get money to buy useless crap, the crew get to pound her until she’s raw, and we all get to watch it!

I thought this fuckin’ chav would never shut up when I started checking out these videos… there she is talking about some shit, fishing for compliments about her underwear and titties… just shut the fuck up! But this is a solo video, so nobody is going to shove a cock in her mouth to make her be quiet. When she starts fingering her twat and rubbing her clit she just gets even louder though, but at least she’s not talking for a change. A good orgasm will do wonders to quiet down a woman who won’t stop talking!