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Hot Redhead Chav Sophie O’brien Fucked And Licked

I like redheads. Redheads with shaved pussies in particular. Because well, you know, sometimes that red bush gets all overgrown and out of control! But I know some people like it hairy, and if you enjoy not being able to see past the forest then go for it… but when you see this young chav slut with her smooth wet pussy out on display you may just change your mind about that. Her name is Sophie O’Brien, and she is a repeat offender at Chavley Court. She’s one of those dirty girls who didn’t get enough cock the first time around so she had to come back for more. Or maybe she’s just broke again.

Whichever way you look at it Sophie is pretty fuckin’ hot, and her body looks so sweet and fuckable that it would be a crime not to put this all on video for the world to see. She starts off stroking and sucking on this guy’s chubby cock before licking his balls a little bit to make sure he’s good and ready to plunge deep inside of her pink bits. Woody must have been feeling generous that day too as he returns the favour by eating her until she’s soaking wet!

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